Terms and conditions:

General Conditions for Participating in “The 50 Year Challenge”:
  • Sharing ideas with the 50 Year Challenge initiative implies the participant’s approval and full adherence to the Terms and Conditions referred to herein and any consequences related thereto.
  • The Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (MBRCGI) in the United Arab Emirates shall be responsible for monitoring the implementation and management of the initiative.
  • All ideas and projects are submitted and enlisted on the website for further development and innovation in the four areas mentioned therein, namely, (Zero Accidents, Zero Carbon Emissions, Zero Child Obesity, Zero Plastic) MBRCGI shall act as an incubator for presenting the ideas and projects in the related areas, if and when the ideas and projects are accepted by MBRCGI.
  • The ideas and projects submitted by MBRCGI’s management shall be evaluated, and thereupon accepted, rejected or requested to provide additional information or data. Sharing ideas and projects in itself shall not be considered a proof of accepting the presented ideas or projects.
  • Any idea or project that does not fall within the areas specified herein shall be excluded.
  • The participant agrees that the MBRCGI, as it deems appropriate, shall publish any participant- related information, photos, videos and presentations concerning the initiative on the website www.uaeinnovates.ae and any other channels.
  • The MBRCGI shall not grant any financial or in-kind awards or prizes to any participant for sharing his/her ideas and projects through the initiative’s website. Moreover, MBRCGI shall not be committed to inviting any of the participants to any party, workshop or public event related to the challenge.
  • The MBRCGI may not respond to or accept any participation, even if it falls within the specified areas, according to its own judgment.
Intellectual Property Rights
  • The MBRCGI shall have the right to keep the detailed files attached to the 50 Year Challenge participation form.
  • The MBRCGI and the project implementing entity, upon its implementation as a project, shall be the owners of the intellectual property rights related thereto without providing any compensation or guarantees to the participant.
  • The MBRCGI and the project implementing entity shall have the right to amend or change any aspect thereof during the implementation phase or earlier. They shall also be entitled to implement the project in any entity without having to attain the approval of the participant or provide any financial compensation.
  • Participation may require the participant’s approval to appear on any of the various media channels, such as T.V., radio, social media, e-channels, as required by the initiative's media campaign. In case the participant abstains from participation in the said media coverage, he/she shall send a written notification to the MBRCGI’s management to act as it deems appropriate.
  • The MBRCGI and the project implementing entity shall not bear any legal liability as regards the intellectual property rights of the material uploaded to the website www.uaeinnovates.ae in case it violates the intellectual property rights of any third party.
Legal Liabilities

The MBRCGI and the project implementing entity shall not bear any liability for any loss, damage or disappointment incurred by the participant, including but not limited to any damage that might be caused as a result of the participant’s acceptance in the challenge. The MBRCGI shall also bear no responsibility for any technical malfunctions related to communications, computer systems and equipment, the participant’s computer or mobile phone(s), which may occur as a result of his/ her participation in the initiative or downloading any material or information related there to.